Joe Jonas’ singing irritated his next-door neighbor

Joe Jonas Upset Neighbor With His Singing

Joe Jonas’ next-door neighbor objected to his singing.

The Jonas Brothers star and his wife Sophie Turner spent two months in Islington, north London, and while he “liked” his time there, he said the neighbors next door were not so fond of them due to noise from one of their parties.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time in England, I just enjoy it,” he told Jimmy Hill on the “Capital Evening Show.” “We were in Islington for two months, it was so great.”

“We held a New Year’s Eve party, which was quite amusing because we had a meal and we didn’t have a neighbor who like the noise, but it wasn’t even noise; it was music.”

“A few days later, she came by to complain, and she was like, ‘And the music….and the singing!….and the singing!’ “Oh God forbid we were singing!” I exclaimed.

The ‘Sucker’ singer was perplexed as to why his next-door neighbor had taken issue with him when there was so much other noise from people enjoying the new year.

“It was pretty comical,” he said, “and of course there were fireworks going off all night, and I was like, why did our dinner party set you off?”

Joe is sure to have some sleepless nights in the near future since it was recently revealed that he and Sophie – who already have a 19-month-old daughter named Willa – are expecting another child.

The 26-year-old actress is expected to give birth “around the middle of summer,” according to sources.

It was stated that the couple was “already” pondering adding to their brood just a few months after introducing Willa into the world.

“They are very happy to extend their family,” a source added. They’ve become closer since having the baby and want to start a family together.”