Ezra Miller has been charged with disorderly behaviour and harassment

Ezra Miller Charged With Harassment And Disorderly Conduct

Ezra Miller has been charged with harassment and disorderly behavior.

The actor from “Justice League” was arrested last week after an alleged altercation at a karaoke club in Hilo, and now Andrew Son, the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the County of Hawaii, has filed a criminal complaint against him.

The date of the hearing has been set for April 26.

The actor was arrested in the early hours of March 28 after allegedly becoming “agitated” in a karaoke club and “yelling obscenities and, at one point, grabbing the microphone from a 23-year-old woman singing karaoke and subsequently lunging towards a 32-year-old male playing darts,” according to police.

“Offensively coarse behavior or abusive language that was likely to cause a violent response and did intend to cause substantial harm or serious inconvenience and/or continued to engage in disorderly conduct after reasonable warning,” the criminal complaint reads. The actor was charged with this.

And according to the harassment accusation, Miller “insulted, taunted, or challenged another individual” named Martin Evans “with the purpose of harassing, irritating, or alarming another person.”

According to RadarOnline.com, the “We Need to Talk About Kevin” star was also issued a traffic citation for obstructing the highway, although court documents did not reveal any information about the incident.

Last week, a couple obtained a temporary restraining order against a “Flash” actor who was living with them, alleging that he had harassed and intimidated them.

Miller is accused of “bursting into the petitioner’s bedroom and threatening” the alleged male victim, stating “I will bury you and your s*** wife.”

Miller was also charged with theft in the documents.

“[Miller] stole [my wife’s] passport and [my husband’s] wallet, which included his SS card, driver’s license, and bank cards, among other things,” the pair wrote.

The respondent is well-known and well-off. This makes it much easier to obtain firearms, as well as send accomplices to harass the petitioner. “

The petitioners claimed that unless the respondent(s)’ inappropriate behavior is stopped or restrained by a court order, they will “suffer considerable emotional distress.”