After the judge suppressed video evidence in a federal firearms case, NBA…

Nba Youngboy Gets Trial Date In Federal Firearms Case After Judge Suppresses Video Evidence

After the judge suppressed video evidence in a federal firearms case, NBA YoungBoy gets a trial date.

NBA YoungBoy will go on trial for his firearms accusation on May 16th in Louisiana’s Middle District Court, according to Rolling Stone. This comes just over a week after NBA YoungBoy won a minor victory in his case.

According to Rolling Stone, “a significant cache of video evidence collected in the high-profile case” was concealed by the judge.

The SD memory cards that were found–reportedly depicting NBA YoungBoy in possession of firearms– “were inappropriately searched by Baton Rouge police” when he was detained in 2020, according to a judgment by US District Court Chief Judge Shelly Dick on February 24th. The warrant was also “illegal on its face,” she said.

The video evidence was also “rendered invalid” by Judge Shelly Dick because the officer who submitted the order included “misleading information.” A “reliable witness” informed authorities about a group of persons “brandishing firearms and filming a rap video on Sept. 28, 2020,” according to the officer.

The tip, according to the court, came from an anonymous 911 call on September 28th, and the “rap video” claim came from a “trusted source” a day earlier on September 27th.

The judge also said in her finding that “the complete truth would have disclosed that the tip regarding the rap video came in on September 27th — not September 28th — negating probable cause to search the SD cards and camera for evidence of who possessed firearms or narcotics on September 28th.”

Drew Findling, NBA YoungBoy’s attorney, told Rolling Stone, “We’re 100 percent certain of his innocence, and now we have to continue to analyze our strategy.” “Having a motion to suppress granted in whole or in part is always momentous,” he noted, “and if you achieve in the federal system, that type of success is magnified to an even higher degree.”

Judge Shelly Dick also turned down the defense’s attempt to suppress evidence acquired during NBA YoungBoy’s arrest.

NBA YoungBoy is presently under house arrest at a Utah pre-trial facility, as previously reported. The firearms charges were dropped after he entered a guilty plea.