Chris Brown Shares a Voice Note He Claims He Got From The Woman Who…

Chris Brown Shares Voice Note He Allegedly Received From The Woman Accusing Him Of Rape

Chris Brown Shares a Voice Note He Claims He Got From The Woman Who Accused Him Of Rape.

Chris Brown is retaliating after a woman filed a $20 million lawsuit against him, saying that he raped her at a party in 2020.

As previously reported, the woman filed a lawsuit against Chris, alleging that he sexually assaulted her on a yacht in Miami and forced her to swallow a plan B pill.

While Chris has kept a low profile in regards to the lawsuit, an exclusive report by Radar Online appears to have prompted him to come out on Tuesday. The claimed text exchanges between Chris and the mystery woman were discovered by Radar, and they show a lot of cordial discussions between the two.

According to several of the claimed texts, Chris even agreed to meet up with her. The woman sent a voice note, which Chris appeared to play on his Instagram story in one of the screenshots.

“You were honestly the best **** I’ve had,” the lady allegedly texted Chris before leaving the voice message. I only want it one again. “Why u fooling with meee… The woman continues in the note with the following:

“You’re sending me mixed messages.” You’re reading my messages and such, and you haven’t blocked me yet, so I assume you don’t despise me. I simply want to see you again. Just pick up the phone; you just hung up. Just let me know, I’ll leave you alone if you want, but I really just want to f*ck with you again.”

The audio message was apparently delivered on August 23, 2021, roughly 8 months after the alleged rape, according to screenshots obtained by Radar.

In a statement released alongside the video, Chris Brown stated that his legal team will be taking action against the woman.

He wrote, “No more digging me out of the muck.” “THE CAP IS VERY CLEARLY VISIBLE TO ALL OF YOU.”

Now let’s see if the media will use the same zeal with which they tried to ruin me to report on the true story. My team and I are pursuing legal action in this case. Playing with people’s lives in this manner is not a good idea. “Thank you, Team Breezy…”