Jayda Cheaves’ popularity soars as it’s revealed that Lil Baby gave her roses

Jayda Cheaves Trends After People Assume Lil Baby Gifted Her Roses

Every day is Valentine’s Day when the love is genuine! Even though Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, it hasn’t stopped someone from displaying their love for Jayda Cheaves.

People assumed Lil Baby was the man behind the act because the entrepreneur released videos of dozens of red roses inside her hotel room the day before. Jayda was still smitten by the display of affection today, and she raised even more questions by uploading a photo of her legs wrapped around an unnamed male with a text message.

“Babe WTF,” read the text. “Anything to make you smile,” the man replied. Jayda informed him that she was in heaven at the time, and he said, “I’m trying to keep you there forever.” You know how people on the internet don’t need a lot of information to figure out who someone is, and many people pointed out that it was a Baby based on the rings on his finger and the black leather leggings he was wearing.

In December, Baby shared a selfie of herself wearing identical rings on Instagram. In addition, Nardo Wick uploaded a photo of himself today wearing the same leather pants as Baby. As everyone talked about the two appear to be back together, Jayda became a trending topic on Twitter.

“Lil Baby can’t hide when it comes to no face, no case,” one Twitter user wrote. These people deduced it from his RINGS! His BRACELETS! “How did you even know that?” says the narrator.

They are back together, but it isn’t official, and they may be rekindling their relationship. In a December interview with Jason Lee, Jayda discussed the prospect of reuniting with the rapper, as we previously reported. “I think we can reignite and rebuild a relationship,” Jayda said. “But right now, there’s too much harm that’s been done publicly to just put a Band-Aid on anything,” she added. Do you think they should run it back, roommates?

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