The signing of Arch Manning to Texas was a game changer

With Arch Manning’s commitment to the Texas Longhorns, it looks like the new Manning Era could be the start of a new time when the Longhorns are the best.

Arch Manning may have considered attending Alabama, LSU, or Georgia, but the five-star quarterback recruit ultimately chose the University of Texas.

With this huge decision, he puts his talent, skills, and the impressive history of his family behind the Longhorns football team.

It was something Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian was all for, especially after a 5-7 season in his first year in Austin.

But, given that Sarkisian was Alabama’s offensive coordinator in 2019 and 2020, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship between Sarkisian and Manning. At the time, Sarkisian was in charge of how NFL quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones got better.

With Sarkisian’s NFL and CFB experience and Manning’s talent, it appears that Manning’s decision to attend Texas was not as surprising as some thought.

What does it mean for Longhorns?

Although the youngest Manning in the football dynasty has made headlines, claiming national championships may be a bit premature.

Still, Peyton and Eli Manning both built NFL resumes while in college, so Arch could make the most of his relationship with Sarkisian and try to do the same.

With what Manning has accomplished before his senior year of high school and his friend and teammate Will Randle also committing to Texas, Arch enters Texas with plenty of momentum.

According to national recruiting analyst Cooper Petagna, Manning “displays above average athleticism and adequate mobility as a runner, increasing his rushing totals every season over the last three years.”

That’s important in the collegiate game, where offenses are built around mobile quarterbacks, and it’s a plus in the NFL, where teams seek quarterbacks who can run when necessary.

Manning has everything a scouting report could want in a quarterback: an excellent arm, enhanced pocket awareness, impressive accuracy, and the ability to extend plays. Manning throws receivers open in high school, a skill that some NFL quarterbacks have yet to master.

All Manning really needs to work on is decision-making under pressure, which is something that professional quarterbacks spend their rookie years trying to improve. He has plenty of time to become a historic college football player as a high schooler hoping to take DKR by storm in 2025.

Manning’s commitment is already altering the landscape of college football. Texas is now ranked No. 19 in the country, according to 247 Sports, despite having only eight commits so far.

“Texas’ commit quality is among the highest in college football thus far,” wrote Robbie Weinstein of 247 Sports.

Sarkisian’s record has been disappointing, but his recruiting has not. 247 Sports says that the head coach’s No. 5 recruiting class for 2022 included “six offensive linemen who were rated as four-star prospects or higher.”

Sarkisian had a terrible rookie season, but it was his first with Texas. Even with Quinn Ewers in the locker room, Manning has elevated this program as it prepares to enter the toughest division in college football.

Arch Manning is the man who can bring Texas back.