Reactions to Arch Manning’s selection of the Longhorns

What does Arch Manning’s commitment to the University of Texas actually imply for the program’s bleak future? 

In Austin, the party is in full swing.

Texas has already landed another elite quarterback prospect in Arch Manning, who will join the Longhorns in 2023 after graduating from Newman High School. Last year, Texas acquired Quinn Ewers as a transfer from Ohio State (La.).

But with the news also came the bizarre, violent responses to everything. Here are a handful of them, along with the distinctions between fact and fiction.

Arch Manning has pledged to attend the University of Texas

Texas is back

Let’s be patent then. Manning won’t arrive at the school until the 2023 campaign, and it’s uncertain whether he will be able to secure the starting position as a true freshman. Ewers, a recent transfer from Ohio State and one of the top quarterback prospects in the past ten years, must still be defeated.

In conclusion, Ewers will have an opportunity to play and should help Texas on his own, but that is still up in the air.

Steve Sarkisian will be saved by Arch Manning

In his first year as coach in Texas, Sarkisian had a 5-7 record, which put him in some people’s crosshairs. So, while securing Manning as a top recruit is significant, it is reasonable to wonder whether Sarkisian will be around to witness Manning on the field as the starting quarterback for the first time.

Texas football has a hero

Perhaps, perhaps not. The conflict between Ewers and Manning, meanwhile, should be a profile of two very different fighting styles. Ewers is more of an athletic, powerful quarterback who needs to perfect his mechanics in order to become his greatest self. Manning is a study in precision and a member of the lordly family of quarterbacks, but he may not be the freakish athlete that Ewers is.

In either case, Texas and its supporters ought to be happy. The Longhorns seem to be set at quarterback in a manner that few schools are after years of stumbling around in the dark.