His one and only chance to officiate a World Series game was wrecked…

His one and only chance to officiate a World Series game was wrecked by Angel Hernandez

According to MLB’s response to Angel Hernandez’s lawsuit, the contentious umpire jeopardized his chances of competing in the 2018 World Series.

One of baseball’s most contentious players is Angel Hernandez. Fans in the seats, athletes in the batter’s box, and managers in the dugout are all furious with the umpire.

Check out Philadelphia Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber’s response to a questionable call that resulted in his ejection if you need any more evidence of the latter.

Hernandez sued MLB in 2017, claiming that his lack of opportunity to officiate a World Series game since 2005 constituted racial discrimination.

Hernandez tried to have the lawsuit revived despite the fact that it had been dismissed last year by the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals.

As if Hernandez really had a chance to officiate the 2018 World Series, the league reacted in a legal filing on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

The league asserted that he missed the chance, nevertheless, because three of his first base calls in Game 3 of the ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees were reversed.

MLB asserts that Angel Hernandez forfeited his opportunity to oversee the 2018 World Series

According to a statement from MLB, Hernandez was chosen by former chief baseball officer Joe Torre to play in the ALDS game between Boston and New York in order for him to qualify for the World Series that year. That never happened because the league noted the three calls that were reversed in that game.

According to MLB, via Associated Press, Hernandez failed to seize the chance and failed to live up to the challenge. This was the first time an umpire had three calls reversed in a postseason game since the introduction of enhanced instant replay in 2014.

He was not chosen for that season’s World Series because Torre did not feel confident in his ability to perform well on an even more demanding stage based on his performance during that Division Series playoff game.

According to ESPN, Hernandez ruled Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius safe on a bunt in Game 3, but a replay review overturned the decision.

Gleyber Torres was pronounced out on an infield grounder, but a review determined that he was safe. Hernandez then called out Gregorius for a double play. The review later overturned it and declared Gregorius to be safe.

Crew chief Ted Barrett, Fieldin Culbreth, Jeff Nelson, Kerwin Danley, Chad Fairchild, Jim Reynolds, and Tim Timmons were the officials chosen to oversee Game 7 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to MLB, Hernandez was actually on the verge of overseeing a World Series in 2018, but his performance at first base for the ALDS Game 3 at Yankee Stadium put an end to that possibility.