MLB. On Twitter, Dave Roberts is being chastised for ruining Clayton Kershaw’s…

Mlb Twitter Is Furious At Dave Roberts For Ruining Clayton Kershaw’s Perfect Game

MLB. On Twitter, Dave Roberts is being chastised for ruining Clayton Kershaw’s perfect game

Fans can’t believe it when Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts pulls Clayton Kershaw after seven perfect innings.

Clayton Kershaw was on a pitch count entering Wednesday’s game against the Minnesota Twins, but he had to keep going, right? Kershaw was perfect through seven innings for the Los Angeles Dodgers, despite throwing only 80 pitches.

With a perfect game only six outs away, Roberts stood firm on Kershaw’s pitch count and yanked him before the bottom of the eighth. People couldn’t believe it, and they’re blaming the captain for his decision.

It’s absurd that Dave Roberts would pull Clayton Kershaw in the middle of a perfect game

Jeff Passan makes an excellent point here. In all of MLB history, there have only been 23 perfect games. Roberts needed to give Kershaw a chance to set No. 24. Instead, he removed him from the game in an absurd manner.

There are Dodgers fans out there defending Roberts, but the majority of people don’t want to hear it. The argument in Los Angeles is that the Dodgers are focused on winning the World Series this year and don’t want to jeopardize Kershaw’s health.

That’s understandable, but Kershaw wasn’t throwing over 100 pitches or anything. He was still a little low. Despite this, Roberts was unwilling to take any chances with his star pitcher, so he removed him from the game.

Roberts’ decision is unpopular, and he is hearing about it from all over the country. After things settle down in the Twin Cities, he’ll almost certainly be questioned about this contentious call. Kershaw, no doubt, will have something to say about this as well.

Following that, Dave Roberts explains why he pulled Clayton Kershaw in a perfect game.