Dave Roberts explains why he pulled Clayton Kershaw in a perfect game

Why Dave Roberts Pulled Clayton Kershaw In A Perfect Game, Explained

After only two innings, Dave Roberts, manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, pulled Clayton Kershaw from a perfect game. This is why:

Baseball fans were outraged at Roberts, and it’s easy to see why. Kershaw sat at 80 pitches, just two innings away from a historic start to his 2022 season. In his debut, he’d thrown no high-stress innings.

Roberts’ argument, on the other hand, is certain to be the long play, and while it may irritate older baseball fans, it does make some sense. Another question is whether it’s good for the game.

Kershaw is coming off a major injury that forced him to miss the postseason due to elbow and forearm discomfort. Because there was no ligament damage in his elbow, he did not require Tommy John surgery.

Despite all of this, Kershaw was ready to go to start the 2022 regular season — but clearly on a revised pitch count for now. Even with history at play, Roberts wasn’t willing to take any chances.

Because of the MLB lockout, spring training was cut short, giving pitchers less time to prepare for the season. There have been more pitching-related injuries this season than in previous years, and it’s easy to see why.

Clayton Kershaw’s flawless performance

In his career, Kershaw had never thrown a perfect game. The previous close he’d come was in 2014, when Hanley Ramirez blew the chance with an error in the seventh inning.

Despite this, he pitched a no-hitter against the Rockies. However, a teammate robbed him of the opportunity to make more history.

This time it was his own manager’s turn. Robert’s decision will undoubtedly elicit a great deal of criticism.

How many perfect games have there been in MLB history?

In all of MLB history, there have only been 23 perfect games. Kershaw could have had the 24th inning all to himself, but he had to watch from the dugout as his teammates attempted to complete the historic feat.

Why did the Dodgers pull Clayton Kershaw, asks Dave Roberts?

Most likely, an injury history and a revised pitch count. Fans will be upset, but the season consists of 162 games. Despite the fact that Kershaw was on the verge of another incredible feat in his Hall-of-Fame career, Roberts believed he couldn’t afford to take such a risk with him.

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