Braves supporters were ecstatic when Freddie Freeman hit his first home…

Freddie Freeman’s First Home Run As A Dodger Had Braves Fans In Their Feelings

Braves supporters were ecstatic when Freddie Freeman hit his first home run as a Dodger

Freddie Freeman, the new star of the Los Angeles Dodgers, blasted his first home run with the franchise. Fans of the Atlanta Braves were enraged at this.

On Friday afternoon, Freeman smacked his first opposite-field home run as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers against the San Diego Padres. Sure, his first regular-season home run will be a far bigger deal, but even a spring training home run marks the start of one era and the end of another.

It was a sight for sore eyes for Braves fans, and one they never expected to see. The Braves couldn’t afford Freeman’s contract, and depending on who you think, the two sides should’ve found a way to make it work.

Instead, Freeman must cope with some emotional baggage, as the Braves’ front office traded for his replacement while he was supposedly still in the lineup. Ouch.

Braves fans react to Freddie Freeman’s home run

Fans of the Atlanta Braves have had enough trouble adjusting to seeing Freeman in a new uniform. Seeing him hit oppo blasts for a different team, as he did for the Braves at Truist Park?

Consider it a baseball-related offense.

I used to know a guy by that name but he was a Brave…

— John the Golfing Birder (@Bentelligence) March 26, 2022

Expect him to have another MVP year with all the other offensive weapons protecting him in that lineup.

— ALEXIS VILLAMIL (@alevilla_1000) March 26, 2022

Never been so sad from a home run!

— matthew roberts (@matthewrobert33) March 26, 2022

Guy left us, it was his own choice. Let it go, move on. It’s also on the reporters to stop asking about him, it’s not their job to cover Freddie Freeman anymore.

— Jimmy Gillespie (@JimmyG1574) March 26, 2022

MLB accounts NEVER posted Freddie Freeman this much when he was a Brave.

— Leslie Mines (@LeslieMinesIII) March 23, 2022

There were a slew of others like it.

Braves supporters will eventually grow accustomed to the reality that Freeman, the franchise’s previous face, is no longer on the team. But for the time being, it’s new. It’s not easy to move on.