Randall Cobb sent Davante Adams a poignant farewell note

Randall Cobb Has Heartfelt Goodbye Message For Davante Adams

On Instagram, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb said a poignant goodbye to former Packers star wide out Davante Adams.

Waiting to find out if the top players from Green Bay, Wisconsin would move away has been hard for the town this summer.

Davante Adams elected to depart, while Aaron Rodgers chose to stay. This wasn’t just challenging for fans imagining what the following season would be like; it was also difficult for Randall Cobb.

Cobb, a wide receiver whom Rodgers trusts, was picked by the Packers in 2011 and has spent nearly ten years in Green Bay as a wide receiver. It’s why Rodgers lobbied to bring him back to the team in 2021, and now that Adams is gone, Cobb is the Packers’ lone veteran.

As he said goodbye to a long-term friend and teammate on Instagram, Cobb also put together a slideshow of their best moments.

Randall Cobb sends a heartfelt farewell to Davante Adams via Instagram

Cobb had already spent three seasons with the Packers when Adams was selected in 2014. When Adams initially met Cobb, he imagined he was a seasoned wideout who had been in the NFL for a decade. Cobb was in his fourth season at the time, and he was about to turn 24 years old.

In 2018, Adams said, “It’s interesting because when G-Mo came in, he said the same thing about me.” “He thought I was a senior citizen.” And I’m not even close to feeling elderly. So now, whenever they come in, I tell them that I’ll be right there with them. “I’m not quite that old yet.”

Cobb’s final season in Green Bay would be his last, as he would go on to play for the Dallas Cowboys and, subsequently, the Houston Texans.

When Cobb left, Adams appeared to take up the extra target share, and his star continued to rise. It didn’t take long for Adams to become a household name across the country. Fantasy and football fans both praised his impressive stats.

Now, Adams will join the Raiders in Las Vegas, where he will reunite with one of his old teammates, quarterback Derek Carr. Cobb, however, as someone who has played for other organizations, values the time he spent in Green Bay with Adams.