Theo Is The Name Of Maralee Nichols’ And Tristan Thompson’s Baby

Maralee Nichols Shares Her & Tristan Thompson’s Baby Is Named Theo

Tristan Thompson’s third child, and his second baby boy, are born to Maralee Nichols. Maralee revealed the name of their son, Theo, on Wednesday.

Maralee uploaded a photo of herself cradling her son in all-white on Instagram. “Theo, my little angel baby,” she captioned the shot. I chose the name Theo because it means “God’s gift.” Maralee explained, “I had never been pregnant before and had been warned I would not be able to have children.”

“I couldn’t believe I was pregnant,” she said, “but I knew I would always protect and keep you safe when I saw you on the ultrasound and heard your little heartbeat.” I adore you more than you can imagine. You bring so much happiness and joy into my life. “My most precious gift”

Tristan hasn’t kept his word about meeting his baby boy or financially supporting the child, according to Maralee’s representative, Harvey Englander, who spoke to Page Six recently.

According to the statement, “despite news allegations to the contrary, Tristan Thompson has done nothing to support his son.” “He has made no attempt to meet their son, nor has he supplied any financial support,” Harvey continued.

Tristan allegedly paid up to $40,000 in child support to his children’s mothers, Maralee Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Jordan Craig, according to rumors.

In December, text messages purportedly from Tristan Thompson were circulated, stating that he would not be involved with their child.

“All you’ll have is a baby and a few hundred bucks a month in child support from a father who has no involvement with the child.”