During the Paternity Suit, Tristan Thompson allegedly told Maralee Nichols…

Tristan Thompson Allegedly Told Maralee Nichols He Was Engaged To Khloe Kardashian Amid Paternity Suit

During the Paternity Suit, Tristan Thompson allegedly told Maralee Nichols that he was engaged to Khloe Kardashian.

The story goes on! Just when it appeared like Tristan Thompson’s name had faded from the news, he reappears. The specifics of his continuing case with Maralee Nicholas, the mother of his youngest child, Theo, have surfaced, and they’re rather interesting.

Tristan has a history of trying whatever he can to avoid Maralee, but with the newly reported information, he’s taken it to the next level. According to Us Weekly, Tristan allegedly told Maralee that he was marrying Khloe Kardashian in Snapchat conversations shared last spring.

“You literally just informed me you are engaged and are trying to be with your family,” Maralee wrote in one of the claimed messages from April 2021 in response to the news. I had no idea you were engaged. You have a history of treating me badly, and this entire scenario has been disturbing.”

“I’m engaged, but I’ll be married shortly,” Tristan allegedly replied a few days later. I told you I wouldn’t and couldn’t be involved in the child’s life in any way. Why don’t you wait until you [sic] find the appropriate partner with whom to have a family? Why would you desire a child with an engaged man? You want to maintain a blunder.”

According to reports, Maralee’s reaction to Tristan remained unknown. However, this isn’t the first time he’s been engrossed in Snapchat messaging. Last December, the news of his relationship with Maralee made the rounds on the internet.

Maralee revealed at the time that Theo was conceived in Houston at Tristan’s birthday celebration in March. Maralee also provided other messages from Tristan, in which he attempted to persuade her to abort the child and stated that he would not be involved in the baby’s life.

Tristan was chastised by several of his roommates for the way he spoke about Theo. “He was freezing af for the last line,” one person said. Sheesh.” “No, Tristan!” said another. “YOU ARE THE ERROR.” What are your thoughts on Tristan’s alleged statements to Maralee, roommates?