Lisa Leslie claims she was told not to make a big deal out of Brittney….

Lisa Leslie Says She Was Told Not To Make A “big Fuss” About Brittney Griner’s Detainment

Lisa Leslie claims she was told not to make a big deal out of Brittney Griner’s detention

While fans wait for more information on Brittney Griner’s recent arrest, WNBA icon Lisa Leslie has spoken out, and what she says may come as a surprise to some.

Lisa claims she and other WNBA players were told not to make a “big fuss” about the situation in an upcoming episode of “I Am Athlete.” “What we were instructed was not to make a big deal about it,” she added, adding that “this is all sort of passed along by rumor.”

“So that they wouldn’t be able to utilize her as a pawn in this conflict situation.” So, don’t make it seem like it’s not essential, or don’t make it so that we’re like, ‘Free Brittney,’ and we start this campaign, and then it becomes something they can utilize.”

Lisa went on to explain how she discusses Brittney’s arrest with NBA all-star Dawn Staley and other close friends on a daily basis. “All we can think is, ‘Dang, what’s she doing now?'” Do you believe they shaved her head?

Is there a bed long enough for her to fit in?’ Lisa didn’t say who her source was or if she knew who first supplied the information, but that didn’t stop her from speaking about it.

Aileen Gallagher, an associate professor of journalism at Syracuse University, has expressed her thoughts on Brittney’s imprisonment. “It’s absurd this isn’t a massive topic,” Aileen told NPR, “dominating the airwaves as well as the front pages of America’s largest newspapers.”

“It’s an obvious domestic connection to the biggest story in the world right now,” she continued, “and it also features an athlete who is widely regarded as one of the finest to ever play the game.”

We will continue to keep you informed about Brittney, roommates.