The Atlanta Braves have three players that will not be on the roster on July 1st

The Atlanta Braves are on a roll and are closing in on first place in the National League East, but not everyone will be in the clubhouse on July 1.

Last season, Brian Snitker used the early portion of the season to determine which players would be the best fit for the team. In 2021, the Atlanta Braves had 56 different players appear in at least one game.

Shuffled lineups and roster tinkering may seem monotonous, but it helped the Braves construct a World Series-winning team that carried them through October and back to the promised land.

The Braves have had to overcome some early-season troubles this season, but a hot run appears to be on the way. With that in mind, June might be a make-or-break month for a few players on the edge of making the roster.

According to MLB rumors, who will not be on the Atlanta Braves roster by the end of June?

When it is claimed that there will be players who will no longer be on the club, it should be understood that we are talking about the active 26-man major league roster.

Relief pitchers have been added and removed from roster spots more than any other position in modern history. Furthermore, as of this writing, on June 19th, rosters will be limited to 13 pitchers. The Braves presently have 14 players on their roster. This means that at least one pitcher will be removed from the active roster.

Jesus Cruz of the Atlanta Braves

Jesus Cruz may be the odd man out due to the 13-pitcher limit. If we only look at his ERA, he’s done a pretty good job. In a relatively tiny sample size of three innings pitched, he currently has an ERA of 3.00 (162 ERA+).

However, if we look at certain other metrics, he appears to be on the verge of regressing. He has a 1.667 WHIP and a 12 per 9-inning average.

When you factor in the Cardinals’ one inning pitched in 2021, the previous numbers drop to 2.250 WHIP and 15.8 hits per 9 innings.

With a BABIP of.400, batters have had some luck against him. His ERA is also greater than his FIP, which is 2.81 at the moment.

Even though this is a small sample size, the Atlanta Braves have a great bullpen, and it would make sense for an unknown pitcher to go back to the minors, especially since he still has three options to play in the minors.

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