Why is Kylie Jenner “not ready” to reveal the name of her baby boy?

Why Kylie Jenner Is "not Ready" To Share Baby Boy's New Name Yet

Kylie Jenner Appears to Confirm That Baby No. 2 Is Still Unnamed.

Kylie Jenner’s mouth is sealed—at least for the time being.

In an interview with Extra, the mother of two explained why she isn’t ready to reveal her son’s new name. She and Travis Scott were going to call their baby Wolf Webster, but then they changed their minds and called him Wolf instead.

“We haven’t fully legally changed it or anything,” Kylie explained, “so I don’t want to announce a new name and then change it again.” “We’re just not ready to reveal a new moniker just yet.”

In March, Kylie said the name of the baby boy, who was born with big sister Stormi Webster, 4, was no longer Wolf. The change was very much anticipated.

“For the record, our son’s name is no longer Wolf,” Kylie wrote. “We just didn’t get the feeling it was him.” “I just wanted to share because wolves appear to be everywhere.”

Kylie made it clear over the weekend that she isn’t ready to go public with a new moniker. She tweeted pictures of gift baskets with the names “Stormi” and “Baby Webster” from her niece True Thompson’s 4th birthday party.

Kylie opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression on her Instagram Story on March 15, after giving birth to her second child on February 2.

“This experience has been a little more difficult for me than it has been for my daughter,” she explained. “It’s not easy on the mind, body, or spirit.”

“I just keep reminding myself, ‘I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy,’ and we have to stop placing pressure on ourselves to be back after birth, not even physically, just emotionally,” Kylie continued.

In an interview with Extra, Kylie revealed why it was crucial for her to be honest.

“It didn’t feel right to return as if nothing had occurred,” Kylie explained. “I don’t want my fans or any other women going through postpartum to think to themselves, “Oh, she has it so easy.”

How is it that it isn’t simple for me? So, before I went back to life as if everything was fine, I just wanted to say something.

What is her current state of mind? Kylie stated that she is “improving every day.”

“I’m in a terrific mood,” Kylie stated. No one can say it’s easy. I’m sure everyone deals with it differently, but it’s wonderful—I’m in baby heaven. “

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