Hannah Brown Expresses Her True Feelings About Her Brother’s…

How Bachelorette Hannah Brown Really Feels About Her Brother's Engagement To Jed Wyatt's Ex

Hannah Brown Expresses Her True Feelings About Her Brother’s Engagement to Jed Wyatt’s Ex

Hannah Brown Looks Back on a Year of “Bachelorette”

Hannah Brown has said that she is not happy with her brother Patrick Brown’s marriage to Haley Stevens.

During the April 5 episode of Us Weekly’s Bachelor podcast, Here for the Right Reasons, the Bachelorette alum expressed her feelings.

“All I want is for my brother to be happy,” she explained. And, yes, they’re getting married, and I’ll be there to witness it. And all I want to do is help my brother continue to develop. And, yes, I’m pleased for them if they make each other happy. “

“Went out and got myself a fiancée for Christmas!” Patrick wrote on Instagram after proposing to Haley in his home state of Alabama on Dec. 18. While it’s unknown when they began dating, they appeared to make their relationship on Instagram public in February 2021.

Hannah first met Haley a few years ago, and it wasn’t in a pleasant way. Hannah was on The Bachelorette in 2019 and got engaged to Jed Wyatt.

Haley claimed in People just weeks after his engagement that she had been dating Jed before he appeared on the show.

I’ve never even been dumped. No explanation was ever given. “I’m getting choked up just thinking about it,” Haley told E! News at the time, later adding, “This was the person I was in love with… To be honest, it’s devastating. It’s infuriating. “

In an August 2019 interview on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Jed and Hannah broke up, and while he apologized to her, he insisted that he and Haley “weren’t in an exclusive relationship.”

In February 2021, he stated on his podcast, Jed Talks, that he “never cheated, ever on Haley or Hannah.”

Hannah, who is now in a relationship with Adam Woolard, discussed the notebook that goes along with her 2021 memoir, God Bless This Mess, and why she opted to include a prompt on family in Here for the Right Reasons, in addition to talking about her brother.

You can love your family and still be aware that some situations may be upsetting.

We won’t say anything because we love our family, or because, as you said, you can’t choose your family, “she stated. However, the way we grow up has a huge impact on the patterns we fall into.

Hannah believes that “having it all on paper” and reflecting on familial relationships might help readers “start to realize where you can connect the dots of, like, some of these patterns in your life.”

“The more I go to therapy, the more I realize when I go home… that there’s anxiety [and] I don’t know why it’s creeping up,” she explained.

“It’s not that I don’t love my family,” she explained, “but there are things in every family that can be triggering or distressing.”

And I think knowing that so you can actually set boundaries with your family and communicate better instead of continuing to construct these barriers is really useful.

You have no control over who your family is or what you were born into, but you do have control over how you communicate, set boundaries, love one another, and show up in your family. “

She went on to say, “As a result, I’m hoping that those pages in the book will be of great assistance because we all have family concerns.

Most of us have some form of dysfunction in our families, and that is what distinguishes us from one another, and it is something that should be celebrated in the journal as well.