Homer, the son of Anne Heche, requests legal guardianship of his…

Homer, the son of Anne Heche, requests legal guardianship of his younger brother

After a few weeks have passed since Anne Heche’s passing, the legal issues related to her passing start to come up.

In Anne’s instance, there is no will indicating her final desires; therefore, therefore it is unclear what would happen next. Homer Laffoon, Anne’s 20-year-old son, has chosen to take matters into his own hands and enter the court system.

First and foremost, Homer has asked to be appointed as Anne’s estate administrator. Homer submitted all the necessary documents to the Los Angeles Superior Court for the proceeding.

Second, Homer has asked to be designated as Atlas, his 13-year-old younger brotherlegal ,’s guardian. It should be emphasized that although Atlast is Homer’s younger sibling because they have the same mother, they do not.

While welcoming Atlas into the world with her ex, James Tupper, Anne shared Homer with her ex, Coley Laffoon. At the time of Anne’s passing, both of her ex-boyfriends posted on Instagram to share their sorrow.

Coley spoke of his affection for Anne and how Homer was faring in light of the dreadful circumstances. Homer is okay, according to Coley, despite the challenging circumstances, Homer is okay because he is a tough youngster and is surrounded by people who love him.

Tupper only shared an image of Anne along with the words “Love you forever” and an emoji of a shattered heart.

On August 12, after spending many days in the hospital, Anne Heche was ruled legally dead. Anne was speeding down a street in Los Angeles when she was in a terrible vehicle accident. At full speed, her automobile crashed into a LA residence.

The house’s occupants were unharmed, but Anne spent many hours trapped beneath the debris before being rescued and transported to a hospital. Anne was unconscious when she arrived at the hospital and was detained there for a number of days before being ruled legally dead.