In the minors, MLB is experimenting with a new rule adjustment at second base

Mlb Experimenting With New Rule Change At Second Base In Minors

During the second half of the season, second base will be moved inward in the lower levels, which will be exciting for baseball fans.

Is it possible that Major League Baseball will undergo further adjustments in the future? This could be the case in terms of second base shifting, but first and foremost, folks will wait and see how things play out in the minor leagues in 2022.

According to The Athletic, the minor leagues will move second base inward, bringing it closer to both first and third base by 13.5 inches. According to insider Jayson Stark, this adjustment will begin in the second half of the season.

More steal attempts could result from moving second base inward

Moving second base inward should go without saying, but it could lead to more interesting plays. With this, we may expect to see more steal attempts, as well as runners taking advantage of the situation to try to turn a long single into a double.

At this point, it’ll be an experiment, with the minors in command for the time being to observe how things proceed. However, if the results are encouraging and there are no complaints from players or managers about the choice, we could see the big boys following suit.

The excitement for the 2022 season is at an all-time high, with Opening Day just around the corner and teams completing spring training. This summer, baseball fans will be watching to see if the minor leagues’ second base change is generally embraced or despised.