Following a recent COVID-19 diagnosis, Jazmine Sullivan announces her official…


Following a recent COVID-19 diagnosis, Jazmine Sullivan announces her official return to the stage.

Fans of Jazmine Sullivan have been suffering from the fact that she is unable to continue her tour because of a COVID-19 infection for the past few weeks, but she has now given them some very excellent news concerning her health.

Jazmine Sullivan revealed in a recent Instagram post that she is now well enough to perform again with her scheduled visit in Atlanta, after canceling prior gigs.

Jazmine Sullivan tweeted the following statement on her Instagram stories after she shared the wonderful news:

“ATL I’ll see you later tonight!!! Please be patient with me as I recuperate from COVID’s effects. But I sincerely miss you guys, and I’ll do my best to keep the trip going!

“I’ll see you there!” This announcement about her health situation is a welcome change of pace after she had to cancel another event earlier this week, bringing her total to six.

“I know I’ve been quiet, but I’ve been trying to rest my body and my voice,” Jazmine wrote on March 8th on social media.

COVID has gotten the best of me, and I’ll have to cancel my gig in Nashville tomorrow. I apologize to my admirers who have been eagerly anticipating my arrival.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all as well, and it’s been difficult for me not to participate in these shows.”

“I’m really praying I’ll be ready for Atlanta,” she stated at the time, “and I’m trying to take it day by day.” Please remember me in your prayers, and I hope to see you soon.”

We’re relieved to learn that Jazmine Sullivan is on the mend and feeling much better!