Keke Wyatt Confirms She’s Pregnant With Her Second Child!

Congrats! Keke Wyatt Announces She’s Expecting Another Bundle Of Joy!

It’s that time of year again: baby season! It seems like pregnancy announcements have been pouring in left and right this week. Keke Wyatt’s news from today, however, took the cake.

The R&B diva has gone viral after revealing that she is expecting her 11th child! Keke made the announcement alongside her current husband, Zackariah David Darring, on Instagram.

The pair was accompanied by Keke’s children (minus one), and she was dressed in a baby on board tee. “My husband, Zackariah David Darring, and I are proud to announce that our family will be adding a “plus 1″ to the Wyatt Bunch!”

Keke captioned her post. @0fficial is our other daughter. Shuga, kaylaaaa wasn’t able to join us for the photo, but you’re with us in spirit! #Baby11 #Family #KekesKids #TheWyattBunch #Family #KekesKids #BabyDarring #BabyDarring #BabyDarring #BabyDarring #BabyDarring #BabyDarring #Baby

While eleven children may appear to be a lot, Keke looks unconcerned by the attention she receives because of her large family. Her husband’s T-shirt, on the other hand, hinted that Keke might not have any more children.

Chad Ochocinco made a statement regarding Keke’s pregnancy, perhaps making it a competition, and over 10,000 Roommates commented on the news. “Keke genuinely believes she finna outdo me,” the former football player tweeted.

Because Chad’s eight children aren’t seeing Keke’s eleven, he’s already lost the battle. Chad and his fiancée Sharelle Rosado welcomed their baby child Serenity “Hurricane” Paula Johnson on January 2nd, as we previously reported.

Chad uploaded a video with his baby girl last week in which he revealed she would not be wearing luxury clothing. Now you know how frugal the former baller is with his cash.

“She in this thing flamed up, y’all,” he remarked in an Instagram video as baby Serenity peered into the camera. “What do you have on?” We don’t do designer stuff for the kids, as you know. It’s cute, I know. It’s a cultural thing, a freedom status you can describe as “I have money.” No! OshKosh Bgosh is what we do. Target is what we do.”

Keke and her spouse deserve all the best!