In the music video for “Falling Back,” Tristan Thompson gives Drake…

In the music video for “Falling Back,” Tristan Thompson gives Drake relationship advice

On June 17, Drake released a music video for his first song, “Falling Back,” in honor of the release of his latest album, Honestly, Nevermind.

And in the roughly 10-minute video, Drake marries 23 women, with Tristan Thompson serving as his best man on the big day. Perhaps most surprisingly, the NBA player offers some relationship advice right before the ceremony.

In fact, the video begins with Tristan asking Drake, who is visibly worried, if he is “ready” for the impending union. Despite the fact that the Toronto-born rapper claims to be, Tristan tells him that it is not too late to flee. “It doesn’t feel right, so we’re scrapping it,” he says to Drake. “We’re going home; it’s finished.”

Drake, on the other hand, makes it obvious that this is all part of God’s plan. “You know, it’s a terrific time for me,” he tells Tristan. “I’m eager to start a family, and I’m in love.” In response, the basketball pro says, “I’m delighted for you. We’re going to get you right if we’re going to do this. You only get married once in your life. “

Fans were surprised by the unannounced release, especially because Tristan’s personal life is also making news.

One Twitter user remarked, “Tristan Thompson being Drake’s best man being married to 23 women is DIABOLICAL.”
“Funny how they put Tristan Thompson in a video where Drake claims he wants to settle down,” another added. “The audacity of Drake to put Tristan Thompson in a song video about a wedding,” one person said.Tristan and Drake’s friendship isn’t wholly unexpected, given that the two have been pals for years, with Tristan and Kylie Jenner even attending a Drake party in 2019.