Fans of Nebraska football are prepared to support Urban Meyer

Fans of Nebraska football are hoping that Urban Meyer will be their team’s next savior.Scott Frost’s fifth season as head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers has been a complete disaster, and the team’s supporters have switched their allegiance to none other than Urban Meyer.

In difficult circumstances, people do desperate things. The proud Nebraska fan base is in this situation after losing yet another senseless game, this time to Northwestern overseas in Ireland when Frost was in charge.

Cornhusker supporters have flocked to message boards to make it crystal apparent that they want Meyer right now and to show their discontent with Frost as the team’s current leader.

Fans of Nebraska want some darn changes, from Meyer to Dave Aranda to Luke Fickell to whoever was Trev Alberts’ old roommate in Lincoln.

Watch Alberts wrest Craig Bohl, a former Husker, fell from a dangerous height in Laramie, Wyoming.

According to Nebraska football supporters, Urban Meyer should be the one to lead the Huskers out of the tunnel

Look. If Nebraska wants to reclaim its true identity, it must get rid of Frost. Not that the Cornhuskers will ever again be a major force on the national stage as they were in the former Big Eight or before leaving the Big 12, but Bo Pelini’s 9-3 record and numerous Citrus Bowl opportunities are still achievable for this team. It would be incredibly entertaining if Meyer was hired.

The Cornhuskers must model their behavior after programs like Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, and Tennessee if they want to regain their former respectability.

To help field a team that can consistently win eight games, recruit both locally and nationally. To Meyer’s critics, he is first and foremost a top recruiter. He would significantly close this deficit.

Meyer is a Midwesterner who has triumphed in all four of his collegiate locations, but nobody will ever forget the colossal failure that was his awful tenure “heading” the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Meyer may have a history of success, but he also has the potential to retire overnight while bringing dubious players, coaches, and other personnel into the organization.

Without a question, Meyer would turn Nebraska football from a national joke to a powerhouse in the Big Ten West almost instantly. The Cornhuskers will be a winning team and a formidable opponent. That will cost something, though. Meyer won’t stay in Lincoln for ten years, and the Cornhusker faithful will soon have to face the repercussions of ruining their souls.

Meyer would instantly improve Nebraska, but are the Huskers willing to pay the price for the benefits?