Nicki Minaj has been named as Maxim Magazine’s new Global Brand Ambassador…

Nicki Minaj has been named as Maxim Magazine’s new Global Brand Ambassador and Creative Director. BET made the announcement

Nicki Minaj, you’re on your way! Nicki has been named MaximBET’s first Global Ambassador!MaximBET is a privately held, licensed sports betting and iGaming platform, in case you weren’t aware.

The Queen’s responsibilities will include products, events, sponsorships, fan experiences, and branding, all of which are aimed at bringing entertainment, sports, fame, and betting together.

According to Maxim, Nicki is also the new Creative Director of Maxim Magazine, as well as a special advisor to the MaximBET Board of Directors and a key player in the company’s iGaming initiatives.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a collaboration,” Nicki told Maxim of the collaboration. When it comes to this alliance, combining business-savvy power maneuvers with my natural, creative, sensual, fun, and fashion-forward attitude is simply so spot-on.

Nicki Minaj

“I’m ready to completely realize my potential as a young, powerful queen and owner, and to open doors for others to dream big,” she concluded. Prepare for the hot parties and remember that scared money does not make money!

HA!!! Place your bets! Let’s get this party started!!! ” Daniel Graetzer, the CEO of MaximBET, also said good things about Minaj. He said that even though she is known all over the world as a megastar, Maxim sees her as a great businesswoman.

“Her contribution to MaximBet as a strategic counsel will be important to us.” “She’s established one of the world’s most powerful brands, her own, and she’s bringing that same expertise and creativity to our lifestyle sports betting business,” he explained.

“I am ecstatic to be working with her; she is creative, brilliant, enthusiastic, and fearless.” There is no one more qualified to assist us in bringing this style of entertainment into the mainstream.

Nicki is no stranger to international collaborations. If you recall, her Fendi collab from October 2019 sold out instantly all around the world! Are you guys looking forward to it, roommates?