Trae Da Truth says that robbers held a woman at gunpoint and stole her…

(video) Trae Da Truth Calls Out Robbers Who Held Woman At Gunpoint & Took Her Tax Refund

Trae Da Truth says that robbers held a woman at gunpoint and stole her tax refund

Trae Da Truth is passionate about speaking up for the African-American community, particularly when it comes to defending black women and children.

The Houston native posted a video of a woman, Tonya, 53, being held at gunpoint in broad daylight on Monday.

In the footage, Tonya is seen approaching her house and turning around to see a man in a hoodie approaching her with a gun, demanding money. The two exchange words as she throws her handbag to the ground. “Tanisha said you got the money,” the gunman says repeatedly.

“It’s in there,” the unknown woman added. “It’s in there,” she says, pointing to her purse on the ground. The man dashes back to his car and climbs into the passenger seat. After that, the getaway car drives away.

“Maan…”, Trae Da Truth posted on Instagram.

This isn’t cool at all, and women and children should stay away…

What if it was one of our mothers or grandmothers?

This can’t be signed by real people…

Get her information for me, y’all….

This isn’t the code in any way…

“Get me to her, y’all…”

Tonya had just cashed her income tax check, according to KHOU 11.

She told KHOU 11 that she had recently cashed her income tax check for $3,900. The funds would be used to care for her son, who is confined to a wheelchair.

He sobbed uncontrollably. Tonya’s son told her after the incident, “Momma, I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.” “And he came out of the car on me with a gun, and he yelled b*&% I’ll blow your head off,” she claims the gunman said as he approached her.

“My life is more essential,” Tonya continued, “because I may be away from my children, grandchildren, and, you know, my loved ones.”

Trae Da Truth finally reached out to Tonya, telling KHOU 11 that he wanted to “let her know she is no longer alone.” She has “genuine caretakers.” They snapped a photo together and obscured her face before posting it to Instagram.

The suspects who attacked Tonya on March 26th are still being sought by police.