Cardi B Slams An Unidentified Person In The “Industry,” Describing Them As “Weird”

Cardi B Blasts An Unidentified Person In The “industry,” Calls Them “weird”

Whew! Cardi B took to Twitter recently to vent some venomous sentiments. However, the rapper remained tight-lipped about who the tweets were directed at.

Instead, Cardi made it known that she used the privacy of her direct messaging to go after this person. There’s no name, no case, but here’s what the artist had to say about the anonymous individual.

Unidentified Person is slammed by Cardi B.

Cardi tweeted with smiling emojis, “I wish I could show y’all my DMs.” “These industry b***hes are odd and p***y, to say the least. You don’t seem to have a mind of your own, and everything seems to be a game to you.”

The tweet was sent early Sunday afternoon, according to Eastern Standard Time. Cardi had responded to a commenter on Saturday who was boasting about one of Offset’s recent fits. A cropped, off-white sweater and bright red, bell-bottom leggings fashioned of what appeared to be leather-like material completed the ensemble.

Cardi B Responds

However, as of Monday evening, Cardi’s Instagram account gave no hint of who she might be referring to. Cardi hit back at a user who used her “p***y insult against her” in a follow-up tweet.

@leteverybody wrote, “You p***y to can never use the @ however.”

“I don’t need to use a @ because I’ve already sent it to them in the DM so they’re aware of my tweet about them…

In a quote tweet, Cardi said, “YOU JUST DON’T KNOW.”

Another person chimed in, asking, “then why are you tweeting about it, goofy?”

Cardi B once again let them have it! She posted a screenshot of the “what’s happening” tweet prompt on Twitter.

“Because Twitter asked me to tweet what’s going on, and that’s exactly what’s going on, you d**k chewing geese,” Cardi said.

Cardi B stepped into the comment area when The Shade Room shared her tweets on Instagram, and she had something more to say!

Cardi wrote, “Apparently I can’t tweet or talk about the bulls*** that I’m dealing with or going through because that means I want attention.” “Everyone but me is allowed to speak?”