Cheslie Kryst’s mother makes a statement on her daughter’s death and the…

Mother Of Cheslie Kryst Releases Statement About Her Daughter’s Passing And Its Cause

Cheslie Kryst’s mother makes a statement on her daughter’s death and the circumstances surrounding it.

The news of Cheslie Kryst’s death dominated social media earlier this week. Fans of the former Miss USA 2019 and TV correspondent were devastated by her untimely death. Cheslie was reported to have fallen from a New York City high-rise building on January 30th, according to several accounts at the time.

The Mother Issues a Statement

Cheslie’s mother, April Simpkins, released a statement on her daughter’s death on Wednesday, stating the cause of death. No pain has been “as deep” for April as the loss of Cheslie. The heartbroken mother was “forever transformed” by the experience.

April shared images and video footage of herself and Cheslie in her heartbreaking commentary. According to a report in the New York Post about her death, the 30-year-old woman left a message behind. April didn’t confirm or deny the note’s existence.

“Today, the cause of death of my darling baby girl, Cheslie, was formally confirmed, as our family and friends had suspected.” It’s true, even if it’s hard to believe,” April wrote. “Cheslie had a public as well as a private existence. She was battling with high-functioning depression in her private life, which she kept hidden from everyone – including me, her closest confidant – until just before her death.”

A Daughter, a Scholar, a Beauty, and a Correspondent

Cheslie’s achievements were not limited to pageantry. Wake Forest University is where she got her law degree and her master’s in business administration, according to reports. Cheslie was a lawyer at the Poyner Spruill law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina when she was crowned Miss USA, according to reports. According to NBC News, she continued to work for the firm after her win. Cheslie also worked as a correspondent for Extra.

Her character and presence, though, are what her mother thinks the family would miss the most.

“While her time on this planet was brief, she left behind a legacy of great memories. April commented, “We miss her laugh, her wise comments, her sense of humor, and, most importantly, her hugs.” “We miss it all — we miss her completely.” She was an integral part of our family, which makes her death all the more painful.”

April then devoted an entire paragraph to her daughter.

“Cheslie, you were a ray of sunshine wrapped in smiles to the rest of the world. “All day, every day, we talked, FaceTimed, or texted each other,” April wrote. “You weren’t just my kid; you were my dearest friend.” One of the highlights of my day was talking with you. Your laugh and grin were contagious. I adore you, sweetheart, with all my heart. I miss you terribly. I’m confident that we’ll reunite one day. Rest peacefully and in peace until then.”

Let us continue to wrap Cheslie’s family in prayers, serenity, healing, and love during this time!

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