Barstool Sports has given YK Osiris a $65K debt consolidation check

Yk Osiris Joking Receives A Debt Consolidation Check For $65k From Barstool Sports

It’s better to be debt-free than to be in debt! It appears that YK Osiris has finally found some respite in repaying all of his debts. The artist owes a slew of individuals money, from Lil Baby to Drake, who was recently paid.

With all of the attention on Osiris’ debt from many bets, Barstool Sports decided to help him clear his name. In an episode of the YouTube series ‘Sundae Conversation,’ Osiris discussed how he came to be in debt in the first place.

“Why do you owe so much money to so many people?” host Caleb Pressley inquired. “I don’t make wise bets,” the ‘Worth It’ singer said, chuckling and showing off his set of wonderfully white teeth. I simply dive into the sea and swim.” “Are you going to save me?” Osiris inquired. Caleb came through for him and handed him a $65,000 check.

Caleb inquired if the debt consolidation check was sufficient to satisfy his debt as Osiris laughed. “I need more than that dude,” Osiris continued, laughing. What can I do to acquire more? How much interest do I owe you?”

Caleb assured him that they will deal with it later. Despite the fact that it appeared to be a joke, Osiris seemed to enjoy the show. The video was well received by the Roommates, with the majority of the comments praising his teeth.

“It’s the smile for me,” one person said. “At least he doesn’t flex like he has the racks,” said another. Despite the fact that he was spending $300,000 on earrings.” Last month, Osiris offered a $60K prize for the return of his lost diamond earring. Osiris hasn’t said whether or not the $325K earring has been located yet. Roommates, leave a comment and tell us what you think of the video?!

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