When asked about the Oscars incident involving Chris Rock and Will Smith…

Tony Rock Says “it’s On” When Asked About Oscars Incident With Chris Rock & Will Smith

When asked about the Oscars incident involving Chris Rock and Will Smith, Tony Rock said, “It’s on.”

The event that keeps on giving is Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars. Just when you thought the conversation was finished, Tony Rock, Chris Rock’s younger brother, had a few things to say about the matter.

People inquired about Chris Rock getting hit by Will Smith for making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved hair, referring to her as G.I. Jane, during Tony’s weekly Twitter Q & A session, 20 Questions Tuesdays.

“Do you approve of the apology?” one commenter inquired. “No,” Tony replied on Twitter. When asked if the thangs would remain “professional” or “fight fire with fire,” he replied, “It’s on bro.

“When asked what movie he would love to star in, the actor alluded to the film “Swapping Places,” as some felt he was talking about trading places with Chris.

Someone even suggested that Smith’s Oscar be rescinded.

“Not my call,” Tony replied. When someone questioned who hit harder, Smith or Jada’s lover (perhaps referring to August Alsina), he said, “Mama Rock.”

Tony further stated that his brother was “still wealthy” and doing “great” following the tragedy.

Tony brought up Duane Martin while addressing questions. Someone inquired as to whether they were still pals. “No,” he said with a shake of his head.Observing that it must be a difficult position to be in “For him,” Tony went on to say.

What are your thoughts on Tony’s comments on the situation in Chile?