In a recent statement regarding the upcoming Netflix film Blonde, Marilyn Monroe’s…

In a recent statement regarding the upcoming Netflix film Blonde, Marilyn Monroe’s estate lauded Ana De Armas

One of the most well-known figures in Hollywood history is Marilyn Monroe. Even today, her persona is still relevant and unmatched by anyone else.

Any actor who attempts to play the legendary celebrity will have their work cut out for them and must be ready for intense public and critical scrutiny. This is the situation with the Cuban actress Ana De Armas, who will play Monroe in the upcoming Netflix movie Blonde.

The drama movie’s September 2022 release date has already been announced, and the trailer has been made public. Ana De Armas resembles the famous celebrity inexplicably, but it is not her appearance that has drawn criticism.

Ana is receiving flak for her accent. Fans and critics alike are griping that Ana does not sound like Monroe because there is still a very strong indication of her Cuban accent in the promo footage.

The fact that Ana spent nearly a full year trying to master Monroe’s accent and other speaking mannerisms—to the point where Ana claims her brain was “fried” from all the labor she put it through—must have come as quite a depressing blow to her after hearing this criticism.

However, it isn’t all bad news for Ana right now because Marilyn Monroe’s Estate has defended her, claiming that she was a great fit for the part.

In a recent interview with Variety, Marc Rosen, president of entertainment at the Authentic Brands Group, which owns the Marilyn Monroe Estate, expressed his support for Ana De Armas in the following ways:

Marilyn Monroe is a unique figure in Hollywood and popular culture who has stood the test of time. Any actor who takes on that job is aware of the enormous expectations they face.

Ana Ana appears to have been a good casting decision based just on the teaser, which shows how well she conveys Marilyn’s glitz, empathy, and vulnerability. We are eager to watch the complete movie!