For “The Power of the Dog,” I needed this Oscar. Equality is important

Jane Campion: ‘i Needed This Oscar For The Power Of The Dog. Equality Matters

After winning the Oscar for best direction for “The Power of the Dog,” the filmmaker, who was one of the victors on the tragic night that clouded Will Smith’s mind, talks about the value of representation.

Will Smith’s rant against Oscar presenter Chris Rock ruined the last night of the Oscars, when films like CODA, Drive My Car, and Dune should have wowed.Despite the fact that the Academy will look into the situation, the cinema came in second.

However, there were some pleasant surprises, such as the first win for a streaming film, CODA, or Jane Campion’s well-deserved award for directing, The Power of the Dog, making her the third woman to win the Oscar for Best Director, and the second in a row after the success of Chloe Zhao and Nomadland in 2021. According to Variety, the actress stated that she needs this prize to promote equality.

Jane Campion’s accomplishment is no less significant. To be able to increase their prizes consistently, they had to spend 93 years awarding statuettes to two women, as stated.

Although Campion’s joy was palpable, the film that looked certain to be the night’s big prize, The Power of the Dog, was left almost empty as tapes like CODA or Dune triumphed in the most diverse categories for Netflix’s production. The Apple video was chosen for the streaming platform’s advertising campaign, but the show won one of the most crucial awards: best direction.

No woman had won this Oscar before Kathryn Bigelow’s On Hostile Ground in 2010, and only seven women had been nominated for it in the history of the awards. Campion, who was extremely pleased and ecstatic to accept the statuette, emphasized this.

I’m honored to have won today, not only for my film, team, and cast, but also as another woman who will be followed by a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth. So I’m quite excited since things are moving quickly now. We require it. Equality is important, “she clarified.

It was a near-call in 1994. While Jane Campion, who recently lashed out at superhero movies, won best script for “The Piano,” she came close to receiving the Academy’s highest directing prize.

Instead, the Oscar went to Steven Spielberg for his film Schindler’s List. Campion is an important figure in Sian Heder’s life and work. She won the best screenplay award for CODA, which she directed and wrote.

I admire a job well done, and I don’t care who did it or where they came from, as long as it was done well. It simply piques my interest.

I think it’s great that they’re all women nowadays because they have such a courageous spirit. I believe this is their time, thanks to the # MeToo movement. ” He came to a conclusion. Slowly but steadily, the Hollywood industry appears to be moving toward new frontiers and periods of rewarding talent.