The Cisco Podcast Network has launched the “Small Business, Big…

“small Business, Big Solutions” Podcast Launches On Cisco Podcast Network

The Cisco Podcast Network has launched the “Small Business, Big Solutions” podcast.

I’ll admit it: I’m a huge podcast listener. I’ve probably listened to it if it’s about true crime, current events, or comedy.

However, there is a content shortage in podcasts. For the small business audience, our team noticed a need for debates about IT resources and expertise. As a result, we created the “Small Business, Big Solutions” podcast, which is currently available on the Cisco Podcast Network.

In each episode, we look at hot themes in small businesses, from technology to company culture, and everything in between! We bring in Cisco partners to talk about common SMB technology needs and how to solve them, dispel myths about security, collaboration, cloud, and other IT solutions, and conduct workplace dialogues.

“Small Business, Big Solutions” is currently streaming

On the Cisco Podcast Network, housed on SoundCloud or your favorite podcast platform, you can now listen to all of the available episodes of “Small Business, Big Solutions.” The following are some of the episodes:

Maintaining Business Continuity in the Event of a Workplace Disruption – The first half of a two-part conversation with Cisco partner CDW focuses on the early 2020 move to remote work. We discuss success stories and emphasize what small firms accomplished successfully. We also talk about how small firms can use hybrid work environments to keep their teams productive and motivated.

Lessons from Covid’s Period – In part two of our CDW conversation, we look at small business continuity. CDW assists us in determining the current state of small enterprises and answering a few essential questions: When the world came to a halt, what did small businesses do right? How had they already set themselves up for success? Where can you make improvements? What are the most important lessons for small business owners and IT managers to remember? And, as we continue to live in a world of hybrid work, how can small enterprises build on their successes?

It’s Time to Get Rid of Your Desk Phone — Cutting the cord on a traditional desk phone configuration has resulted in a shift in small business hardware and software. Moving to cloud-based calling, which follows the user wherever their work takes them, provides a lot of advantages for small business owners and users alike, especially in the age of remote work. Bullfrog Group, a Cisco partner, discusses the death of the desk phone in this episode, outlining eight reasons why a company should switch from on-premises telephony to a cloud-based solution. You’ll want to pick up the phone and answer it.

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