For Thor: Love and Thunder, Brett Goldstein reveals that he only had two weeks…

For Thor: Love and Thunder, Brett Goldstein reveals that he only had two weeks to get into god-level shape

Numerous new characters, including numerous new gods, were introduced into the MCU in Thor: Love And Thunder.

The story follows Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Odinson, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, and Taika Waititi’s Korg as they set out to slay the ruthless God Killer, Gorr (Christian Bale).

One of the places they visit on their voyage is Omnipotent City, which is the abode of all the gods of the cosmos, including the Greek God Zeus, who is portrayed by Russell Crowe.

Thor seeks help from Zeus, but Zeus is not the kind and powerful God that he is portrayed to be, so they fight.When it seems Zeus has murdered Korg during the battle, Thor ultimately succeeds in murdering Zeus. I suppose so.

In fact, Zeus is seen to be still alive and well in the post-credits scene, giving his son Hercules—played by Brett Goldstein—the assignment of punishing Thor for his misdeeds.

It was intriguing that Brett Goldstein was chosen by Marvel to play Hercules. Goldstein has acknowledged that it was a fairly last-minute choice and that he had little time to prepare for the god-level physical shape for which the Hercules figure is renowned.

With Chris Hemsworth’s Thor becoming ever bulkier for the most recent installment of the franchise, Goldstein has his job cut out for him as a God who will face off against the character in the projects.

However, Brett Goldstein has admitted that even for his brief cameos in this movie, he desperately tried to look as fit as Hercules on the day of the filming by performing push-up after push-up on the set.

On this subject, he specifically said the following:

“Yeah, I told Taika that I’m essentially like a skinny comedian when I spoke to him. I enquired when this was being filmed. I was like, “I mean, I’ll do my best, but two weeks feels…” and it was like two weeks. Do you believe he doesn’t need to be as massive as Thor to be as effective?

I remarked. And as you can see, I did 400 pushups on that particular day. I was ready to blow up. Yes, I did my best on that particular day.

Fans are anticipating Goldstein’s official, non-cameo debut in the MCU, when they hope he will have had enough time to grow his God Bod. Goldstein appeared to be doing rather well for someone who had only been given two weeks to get in shape.