After accidentally injecting the wrong drug into a patient, a former Tennessee…

Former Tennessee Nurse Found Guilty Of Murder After Accidentally Injecting Patient With Wrong Drug

After accidentally injecting the wrong drug into a patient, a former Tennessee nurse was found guilty of murder

RaDonda Vaught, a former nurse who made a deadly drug error in 2017, was found guilty after a three-day trial for injecting Charlene Murphy, 75, with the wrong drug.

Vaught, 38, was found guilty on Friday after a long jury deliberation, according to the Tennessean. This is how it went down: She was found guilty of criminal negligent homicide and neglecting an adult who was mentally ill to the point where they died.

The patient was given vecuronium, a paralyzing medicine, when he should have been given Versed, a sedative. Murphy became unable to breathe as a result of the medicine, and she died a day later.

Vaught said after the verdict, “I’m simply relieved that this part of the process is through.” I hope they (Murphey’s family) are as relieved as I am to be moving on from a legal process that has been stalled for four and a half years.” I hope they are able to reach an agreement on the outcome of this procedure.”

Following the event, the former Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse was fired. Later that year, Vanderbilt and the family reached an out-of-court settlement. The settlement’s value has not been revealed.

Vaught informed hospital personnel about her mistake at the time. The hospital did not report the incident to the state or medical officials, despite the fact that it was required by law.

After an anonymous allegation was filed with medical officials in October of 2018, Vaught was charged. She was detained and charged in February 2019 after an inquiry.