Monica Has A Message For You About Believing In Yourself And Being…

Monica Shares A Message About Trust And Being A Good Person

Monica Has A Message For You About Believing In Yourself And Being A Good Person.

Ms. Monica has one quality: she keeps things authentic. Even when it comes to discussing more serious themes like treachery. Monica took to Instagram on Sunday morning to share her inner thoughts on deception, trust, and being a nice person.

Monica posted on her Instagram Story, “Betrayal happens after trust.” “It hurts to realize that we aren’t being betrayed by adversaries, but rather by ones we trusted.”

Monica emphasizes in a few brief paragraph lines that treachery can only come from those we love and trust. She goes on to talk about her personality type and how it pertains to the subject of trust.

Monica commented, “It’s really hard for me to trust people, even though I’m quite kind to everyone.” “I would give my life for those I trust… You lose me when you betray me, and you may not see me as much, but I see you plainly!!”

Her ostensibly smart statements didn’t stop there. Monica went on to extol her virtues and encourage others to do the same.

“Being a good person has its drawbacks, but the rewards are far greater,” Monica wrote. “TO THE GOOD PEOPLE: CONTINUE TO BE GOOD!” ‘God has you covered.’

Monica Receives a Sweet Note From C-Murder

C-Murder is one of the few people who believes in Monica’s goodness. He wrote some heartfelt remarks for his forever lady in late November 2021. Monica and the currently incarcerated musician have had an on-again, off-again romance throughout the years, as you may know. After she played the song “For You I Will” and added his name to the lyrics, he received a digital love note.

“At the show, my baby kilted it.” “We knew this was real love from day one when she sang this outfit a #TRUqueen,” C-Murder wrote in an Instagram caption. “No opinion can change a fact, and we have the evidence to prove it.” You know how I feel about her if you know me.”

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