In a defamation lawsuit against Tasha K, Cardi B was awarded $1.25 million

Cardi B Awarded $1.25 Million In Defamation Lawsuit Win Against Tasha K

It’s time to “go back to work,” as Tasha K declared after losing Cardi B’s slander case against her. According to court documents circulating online, a jury awarded Cardi a large sum of money for Tasha K’s lies against her. Tasha, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, and her firm, Kebe Studios LLC, will be liable for $1.25 million in damages.

Tasha K has been found guilty

Tasha and her company were found guilty of defamation, invasion of privacy through false light portrayal, and inflicting emotional distress on purpose. Cardi was awarded $1 million in general damages, which included “pain and suffering as well as/or reputational loss.” Cardi was also given $250,000 in medical expenditures by the jury, however, the viral court records did not specify what those bills were.

Tasha responded to the original loss news on social media shortly after it was announced.

Tasha wrote, “My husband, attorneys, and I battled incredibly hard.” “I’d like to express my gratitude for their long hours and restless nights.” It’s just going to get better from here, Winos. In a few days, I’ll see you all. “Let’s get back to work.”

Cardi B filed a lawsuit against Tasha K in 2019, as previously reported. Cardi made this decision after several attempts to stop Tasha K from spreading incorrect information about the rapper. Cardi was accused of contracting multiple sexually transmitted illnesses, including herpes, in these bogus claims.

Tasha also claimed that while working as a dancer, the Bronx native engaged in sexually graphic behaviors such as having penetrative sex with beer bottles. She also claimed that the mother and wife were having an affair with her husband Offset.

Cardi B Speaks Out

Cardi B testified a little over a week ago that Tasha K’s phony storytelling made her “want to commit suicide.”

“I felt disappointed and depressed,” she testified, “and I didn’t want to sleep with my spouse.”

The artist also claimed that the continued criticism caused her exhaustion, worry, weight loss, and migraines. She even sought help from a therapist to help her deal with the situation.

Cardi had not publicly replied to her court victory as of the time of publishing. On Tuesday, there will be more information.

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