Wanda Sykes Calls Will Smith & Chris Rock’s Oscars Performance “Sickening”…

Wanda Sykes Says The Will Smith & Chris Rock Oscars Moment Was “sickening” & Shares That She Is Also Traumatized 

Wanda Sykes Calls Will Smith & Chris Rock’s Oscars Performance “Sickening” and Expresses Her Own Trauma

We’re three days removed from the 2022 Academy Awards, and celebrities are still discussing the viral moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the night of the program. Wanda Sykes, one of the three co-hosts of this year’s show, is now providing her perspective on the night’s events.

Wanda was on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk program recently, and when questioned about what transpired that night from her viewpoint, she said that she was backstage at the time. When Will Smith returned to his seat and began shouting at Chris, she noticed, and that’s when she learned that Will had smacked Chris.

“I felt so bad for my friend Chris, and it was terrible,” Wanda added. I became physically unwell as a result of it, and I’m still scarred by it. “

“And for them to let him stay in that room the rest of the program and accept his medal, I was like, ‘how gross is this?'” She continued. This sends the incorrect message. If you assault someone, you’ll be hauled out of the building and that’ll be the end of it. “

Wanda then made the crowd laugh by saying she wanted to be able to run out when they announced Will as the “Best Actor” winner and say, “Unfortunately, Will couldn’t be here today.”

Will will issue a formal apology to Chris Rock, the Academy, the show’s producers, the show’s guests, and global viewers on Monday, as previously reported.

Wanda, on the other hand, thinks that the show’s hosts, which included herself, Regina Hall, and Amy Schumer, should have also been sorry.

We were the hosts. This is our home; we’re inviting you in; we’re hosting; we’re going to look after you tonight; we’re going to make sure you have a wonderful time. And no one has apologized to us, despite the fact that we put a lot of effort into putting that concert together, “Wanda remarked.

Wanda did state, however, that when she ran into Chris Rock at an afterparty, he apologized to her.