While attending a Magic Mike performance in Vegas, Kristin Cavallari gets…

Kristin Cavallari Gets Covered In Whip Cream While Attending Magic Mike Performance In Vegas

While attending a Magic Mike performance in Vegas, Kristin Cavallari gets covered in whip cream.

Instagram users shared a video of the passionate encounter.

Kristin Cavallari visited the “Candy Store.”

The 35-year-old reality actress attended the “Magic Mike Show” in Las Vegas on Saturday night, where she was dragged onto the stage and given a seductive lap dance by a male stripper.

The “Laguna Beach” alum was dressed in a leopard print dress and lace-up shoes as she lay on her back with whipped cream licked over her neck and thighs by a performer.

“Good times, thanks for having me!” Cavallari said in an Instagram video of the steamy performance.

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Following the performance, Kristin and her pals paid a visit to the dancers and posed for photos.

Craig Conover and Austin Kroll were previously linked to the now-single “Very Cavallari” personality when Conover hinted at a possible love triangle between the three, which Cavallari adamantly denied. Kristin formerly married Jay Cutler, from whom she divorced in April 2020.

Cavallari and her pals aren’t the only celebrities who have gushed over the racy strip performance.


On Summer House, Craig Conover was asked if he’s still hooking up with Kristin Cavallari.

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Kristen Bell told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in January about seeing the “Magic Mike” event, which she put “up there with having my children and being married.”

Bell told DeGeneres that she was persuaded to attend one of the live strips shows in London by her co-stars Ben Platt, Allison Janney, and Karen Sony, despite her objections.

Despite her reservations at first, she later conceded that it was “one of the best evenings of my life.”

Kristen said, “I felt electrifying.” “If you ever had an idea about what you thought the Magic Mike Show was, it is like so body positive, like so gender positive, so masculine positive, so every positive,” she recalled. “It felt amazing because the dance was so beautiful and I felt like I was on fire for it!”