Sandra Bullock wouldn’t feel ‘comfortable’ watching Channing Tatum…

Sandra Bullock wouldn’t feel ‘comfortable’ watching Channing Tatum naked in Magic Mike

Sandra Bullock isn’t sure she would feel “comfortable” watching Channing Tatum naked in Magic Mike since they are friends.

The 57-year-old diva – who has teamed up with Channing for the new movie “The Lost City” – claimed she has enjoyed seeing her close pal in the two male stripper pictures so far, but she will find them tougher to watch once the pair become good friends.

When asked if she was a fan of Channing in the ‘Magic Mike’ film franchise, Sandra said: “You know what, I loved it.” I loved it a lot! And I loved the second one a lot.

And now that I know him, I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable seeing it. It’s going to be weird since you were someone else.

“When I see the movies, and now that I know him normally, it’s going to be odd watching you do that!”

Sandra then suggested they watch the live performance, but the ‘Blind Side’ actress stated she wouldn’t be able to if he was in it.

She said: “I want to come to the show, but you just can’t be dancing in it.”

Speaking in a joint interview on “Lorraine”, Channing replied, “I’m not going to dance in the show. I’ll sit next to you during the show. “

This comes after Sandra and 41-year-old Channing met after their girls argued at preschool.

Channing – who has Everly, eight, with ex-wife Jenna Dewan – previously said: “I’ve blocked it all out.”

Sandra, who adopted Louis, 12, and Laila, 10, as a single mom, added: “There’s some PTSD associated with it.

We met through theatre, in the principal’s office at preschool. We were called in together because Everly and Laila were trying to alpha the other one out, and we prayed it was the other child that caused the damage. “

Fortunately, the girls get along well now, and their famous parents joked that they took on “The Lost City” so their kids could spend time together in a “COVID-safe” atmosphere.

Sandra said, “That’s the reason we produced this film, so they could have one long, COVID-safe play date. We even brought motorbikes down there. All we cared about was that Everly and Laila were really having the time of their lives. “