At The Emmys, Selena Gomez Enjoys Making Fun of Her Only Murders…

At The Emmys, Selena Gomez Enjoys Making Fun of Her Only Murders in the Building Co-Stars

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short were among the lead cast of the blockbuster Hulu series Only Murders in the Building, which received 17 nominations for the Emmys this year.

And although though the program only managed to snag three Emmys in those categories, the three principal actors nonetheless had a great time at the awards presentation, especially Selena who poked fun at her more senior co-stars whenever she could.

When the group took the stage to give the Outstanding Variety Talk Series award, Steve interrupted Selena and inquired, “How much time do we have left?” “With a decent diet and exercise, maybe 10, 12 years,” she retorted.

The audience erupted in laughter as they were astounded by Selena’s comic talent. It’s time to get to the point of why we’re here, Steve continued. Have you or a loved one ever given a reverse mortgage any thought?

Upon hearing this, Selena remarked, “You know what I love working with these guys? Never, ever use paparazzi.

Selena did go on to compliment her co-stars and acknowledge that acting alongside them as well as sharing a stage with them at the Emmys was a tremendous honor for her, despite all the jokes being made in good humor. She said the following to describe it:

I just have to say that being here tonight with Martin Short and Steve Martin is the cherry on top of working with them on ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ which was a huge, magnificent cake.

Many fans were disappointed that Selena was not nominated for her acting in Only Murders in the Building, but she was nominated for her role as the show’s executive producer.

She is only the second Latina in history to have been nominated for the award, the first being Salma Hayek in 2007 for her role on Ugly Betty, despite the fact that she did not win.

Only Martin Short, who played Ted Lasso in Murders in the Building, was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor, but Jason Sudeikis took home the prize.