“HSMTMTS” Finale Recap: Nini Returns & Ricky Discreetly Expresses…

“HSMTMTS” Finale Recap: Nini Returns & Ricky Discreetly Expresses His Feelings to Gina

Both Frozen’s premiere and Ricky’s birthday are officially celebrated tonight. At Camp Shallow Lake, Big Red appears with a cake prepared to honor his best friend.

Jet is introduced to Big Red as “Ashlyn’s boyfriend,” but they still have a lot to talk about. Ashlyn’s crush on Val, eh?

After the Camp Prom, Ricky asks E.J. if they’re doing okay. Ricky shouldn’t worry about it, says E.J. Ricky is blowing out his candles while he’s wondering where Gina is right now.

After her breakup with E.J., Gina is attempting to maintain a really calm attitude, so she is practicing yoga. Making the rounds and bidding everyone adieu is Val. Before leaving, Val gives Gina some advice.

“You’ll know when the appropriate person shows up. The timing will make sense, according to Val. Ricky arrives immediately after that. Timing is crucial at all times.

Kourtney Gina

Kourtney, Gina, and Ashlyn in ‘HSMTMTS.’ (Disney+)

Ricky is unsure how Gina and him are doing after last night. Gina explains, “I prefer to know where I stand with people. Tonight is over.

Gina is advancing. For a brief period, Ricky is undecided as to what to say. When challenged, Ricky wonders if this is related to E.J. Boy, just express your feelings to the girl!

Emmy stops Gina as she is making her way back to the cabin. She worries that if she goes on stage, she won’t remember how to sing.

Emmy is given motivation by Gina, who reassures her that “theatre is a family even when we have our setbacks.”

Gina is surprised by Miss Jenn, who advises Emmy to “get out there and discover your voice.” This causes Emmy to have an amazing solo moment before she begins “This Is Me.” A STAR, Liamani Segura!

Return Of Nini For Opening Night

Channing reveals some huge bombshells right before the performance. To record any play, he has roughly ten cameras strategically placed throughout the theater.

On Disney+, the concert from tonight is also being streamed live. Everyone starts to become anxious, especially after Channing says he has surprises in store.

E.J. promises to give Channing a stunning performance tonight. Following Channing’s departure, E.J. claims that he was only acting. E.J. informs the cast, “We’re theater kids, and we’re going to do it our way.

Nini’s appearance to Shallow Lake is one of the surprises that Channing most definitely did not anticipate.

She gets down with Miss Jenn to discuss how things are going in California. Nina says she’s been writing a lot lately.

She enjoys living in California. She should complete her senior year at East High, according to one of her mothers, though.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo as Nini. (Disney+)

Nini does not want to let anyone down. She has until midnight to make up her mind about staying or leaving. She is given a deal by Miss Jenn.

If Nini meets her at the fire pit following the performance, Nini is returning to East. If not, Miss Jenn is aware of the alternate response. Miss Jenn says, “Stay or go, you’re always a Wildcat.” Read Me