Grandma Miles Teller wants him to become the next James Bond

Since the release of Top Gun: Maverick, in which he played the role of Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, Miles Teller has generated quite a bit of excitement, but it seems that no one is as much of a fan of the actor as his own grandma.

Leona Flowers, Teller’s grandmother, has recently started advocating on Twitter for her grandson to take up the role of James Bond in the future.

There has been much discussion regarding the next James Bond ever since Daniel Craig gave his final performance as the spy in No Time to Die, and according to Leona Flowers, her grandson would be the ideal choice.

Leona discussed all the qualifications that made her grandson the ideal contender for the position on Twitter. Her tweet stated it in full:

“For the upcoming 007 films, Daniel Craig will be replaced by an actor. Miles Teller, my grandson, has, in my opinion, shown that he possesses all the qualities they seek: talent, good looks, physical prowess, universal appeal, and, of course, coolness. He is that kind of guy! Would he not be wonderful? “

Because Miles is an American actor and Bond is British, several fans argued that Miles could not play the part. However, Grandma, however, was not about to give up without a fight and tweeted in response.

In response to a fan, Leona said, “Miles is very proud of his genetic tie to the British Isles.”

Numerous Europeans have also performed as Americans. He researched accents while studying acting. “He’d be fantastic,” Leona added in a different Tweet.

Entertainment Tonight, I spoke with Miles directly to get his opinion on the subject, and he was completely in favor of it.

“Yeah, “Yes, that’s right,” Regarding the possibility of playing James Bond, the actor said, “You know, I suppose we’re performers, so maybe you can change it up a little bit.”

According to Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the Bond series, there is currently no favorite candidate for the role of the next James Bond.

This is because the plan is to completely reimagine Bond in upcoming movies, which could take some time, making it pointless to cast someone in the role until that time. Leona Flowers would likely disagree with you on that.