She stopped speaking to him for weeks after Idris Elba rejected his…

She stopped speaking to him for weeks after Idris Elba rejected his own daughter at an audition

In the entertainment business, nepotism is a very real issue, yet it doesn’t seem to exist in Idris Elba’s home.

Idris Elba has released a new movie titled “Beast” in which he plays a father who travels to South Africa with his two children to a game reserve, where things quickly get out of hand when the family must contend with a lion that has gone rabid.

Idris admitted in a recent interview that his actual 20-year-old daughter, Isan, tried out for the part of his daughter in the movie, but he was unable to let her have it, so they had to find a replacement.

Elba noted that his daughter, who wants to be an actress and who auditioned for the part, is an unusual case.

Idris stated that lack of chemistry was ultimately the reason his own daughter was not chosen for the role in the movie.

And chemistry was ultimately what determined the outcome. My daughter was fantastic, but oddly enough, the chemistry between our relationship and the one in the movie wasn’t appropriate for film.

Will Packer, the film’s producer, discussed how, despite the fact that Isan is actually Idris’s daughter, these events occasionally don’t play out as they do in real life.

She was excellent and close. Idris is correct; occasionally, the subtleties of a real-life relationship don’t transition well to film.

Idris then disclosed the results of his decision.

“I hadn’t spoken to my daughter in nearly three weeks.”

The reaction is natural, but Idris continued by saying that he is proud of his daughter for handling it so well and that she is now OK. She even attended the film’s premiere, demonstrating a lot of grace on her part.

“You understand, I’m incredibly proud of her for going through it. Even if you don’t get the part, you should still attend the premiere.

The father-daughter team will have plenty more chances to share the screen in the future.