Details on Joey Chestnut’s injuries from the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest

Joey Chestnut will still compete in this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest, even though he is hurt and needs crutches.

Joey Chestnut is the best at stuffing their faces with a variety of meals. He’ll have to do it this year despite having an injury.

At the Major League Eating weigh-in for Nathan’s annual hot dog eating competition, Chestnut showed up with a boot on his foot and crutches.

The overwhelming favorite will still compete despite that.

Details on Joey Chestnut’s injuries from the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest

Chestnut told Fox News, “It’s a ruptured tendon.” “Everything is OK. I’ll be able to eat while standing. I’m eager. I’m not using my leg to eat.

Even though Chestnut says the leg injury won’t affect him, Twitter users are expecting a flu-game-style story for the best professional eater of all time.

By devouring 76 hot dogs during the Fourth of July competition, one more than he did in 2020, Chestnut broke the previous record.

With 14 titles under his belt, he is aiming for his eighth consecutive victory in the competition. Since 2007, Matt Stonie of YouTube was the only person to defeat him, shocking everyone in 2015.

He doesn’t only specialize in hot dogs. In addition, Chestnut holds records for devouring Big Macs, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, ice cream sandwiches, Hostess Donnettes, and other foods.

Will the 38-year-old still be in charge? Or will a fresh face suddenly appear? Everything will come to a head on July 4.