In a lengthy post, T-Pain slams those who make excuses for poor work

T-pain Shuts Down People Who Give Excuses For Bad Work In A Lengthy Post

T-Pain, if there’s one person who doesn’t want to hear excuses, it’s him. The multi-talented musician has previously stated his position, but he reinforced it on Instagram.

T-Pain posted a photo of his wife steaming a green cloth set up as a makeshift green screen. T-Pain chose to utilize the candid snapshot as a teaching tool after capturing it.

T-Pain Offers Content-Generating Tips

His reservations for Sunday, January 16 were apparently canceled by a film set he had booked.

The reason for the cancellation, according to T-Pain, was “the millimeter of snow on the ground,” he joked.

“I went into the garage and retrieved a bunch of stuff. I rearranged some of the furnishings. In his caption, he stated, “Hired the wonderful @panpan2211 as my production assistant.” “After that, I put my a*s down and let her do the most of the work.”

Their green screen prowess, two standing lights, and an opened, square box with unknown content inside are all visible in the snap.

“All those people who get mad at me because I evaluate their music and tell them there’s no justification for their sh*t to sound horrible, and they all say “oh not everyone has a bunch of money to spend on fancy equipment,” and I’m like. T-Pain said, “Bro.”

Following that, he said that doing good work does not necessitate much effort.

“Imagination and investigation are all that’s required.” I honestly googled “how to correctly light green screen” and “how to shoot green screen with stuff around the house” when I woke up this morning.

The musician, composer, and producer thinks that if people are prepared to go the additional mile, they will.

“All you have to do is want it more than the next person,” T-Pain wrote, “and you can stop whining about how you “gOT wAy mOrE tAlEnt bUt pPl dOnT pAy atTenTiOn tO gOoD mUsiC aNyMoRe.”

“Getcho a*s up mah bwah!!!!!” he wrote at the end of his message, which he closed with some tough love sentiments.

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