In a grudge battle with Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington wrestles his way to victory

Ufc 272: Colby Covington Wrestles His Way To Win In Grudge Match With Jorge Masvidal (video)

In their bad blood-filled encounter at UFC 272, Colby Covington’s wrestling proves to be too much for Jorge Masvidal.

The rivalry between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal may not be over after UFC 272, but who was the better man inside the Octagon on this night was evident.

In the main event of the card, Covington used his superior wrestling and grappling to win by unanimous decision.

Colby Covington wins the UFC 272 main event by using wrestling to defeat Jorge Masvidal.

The first round saw Covington try to take down Masvidal when he charged at him with his famed flying knee. For a while, Masvidal held his own, but Covington was able to seat him and get to his back.

In an attempt to lock in a choke, Covington worked over Masvidal. With 30 seconds left in the frame, Masvidal managed to hip escape and stand up, but not before taking a pair of elbows.

Masvidal fought back with strong blows and even earned a knockdown in the second round, which was considerably closer. During the round, though, he found himself struggling when Covington reversed him on the ground and used his wrestling to his advantage.

In the third round, Covington took the fight to the ground once more, pounding Masvidal with punishing elbows and punches to the face. Masvidal countered Covington’s neck crank, but Covington reversed and stayed on top until the last ten seconds, completing another dominant round.

Early in the fourth round, Covington delivered a powerful one-two before bringing Masvidal back to the cage wall. Masvidal was able to break away, but Covington rocked him again for a few moments. Masvidal, on the other hand, knocked Covington out with a right hand, but he seemed too fatigued to follow up, allowing Covington to recover.

In the final round, Covington again took Masvidal down and attempted a choke. Masvidal stood up briefly, but only for a short time before Covington had his way with a drained Masvidal once more.

The judges awarded Covington victories of 49-46, 50-44, and 50-45.

On Saturday, March 5, 2022, UFC 272: Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal will take place live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Follow FanSided MMA, who is on-site, for all the latest updates and highlights.