After sharing her cover of ‘Hrs And Hrs,’ Halle Bailey receives backlash

Halle Bailey Responds To Backlash After Sharing Her Cover Of ‘hrs And Hrs’

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard singer/songwriter Muni Long’s song ‘Hrs and Hrs.’ The song is currently one of the most popular R&B tracks.

You won’t be able to scroll down your timeline without seeing a video of the song or hearing a celebrity perform it. Halle Bailey decided to put her own spin on the bop and released a rendition of the song today.

The video has over 620k views after being shared on Instagram. Despite the fact that Halle gave it her all, her vocals did not move everyone. Muni sings in a lower octave in Muni’s rendition, whilst Halle sings in a higher octave in Halle’s version.

Halle’s voice drew a lot of attention on Twitter. “Halle Bailey did a cover for ‘Hrs and Hrs,’ somebody going to say is giving milliseconds and milliseconds,” one Twitter user wrote.

“The last amount of “like” I had for Hrs and Hrs,’ Halle Bailey just fu***ed it up,” another user tweeted. Halle didn’t waste any time in responding. “I adore the song but sung it an octave higher because it’s too low for me!” the singer tweeted. My sopranos can empathize.”

Despite the backlash, Halle received a lot of support in the comments section, especially from Muni Long. “This voice!” she exclaimed. Her supposed boo, DDG, even placed fire emojis in her comment area.

The love song has been covered by a number of artists, including Halle Berry. Jordan Babbs, Tank’s daughter, and Inayah Lamis just released their own versions. Do you think Halle should have reacted to the backlash differently?

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