Lea Michele Claims After Seeing Beanie Feldstein In Funny Girl…

Lea Michele Claims After Seeing Beanie Feldstein In Funny Girl, She Called To Her

The actress who will play Fanny Brice in a coming issue of people says she had the chance to witness Beanie Feldstein lead the musical and got in touch with her after viewing it. Barbra Streisand created the part of Fanny Brice in 1964.

The show I watched. I wrote her and let her know what a fantastic job I thought she had done, says Michele, 36. She was funny, lovely, and amazing, in my opinion. She bravely accepted this challenging task, which was not simple to do. Moreover, I informed her in a letter.

When Funny Girl made a comeback on Broadway in April, Feldstein, 29, performed the opening number.


Lea Michele

A day after the Booksmart actress announced in July that she would be leaving the production early at the end of the month, Michele was introduced as its new director.

The company later clarified in a private statement to PEOPLE that Feldstein’s post telling her fans that her final performance will be on July 31 was not a surprise.

Michele claims that everyone just thinks that everything is full with drama. I disagree. In addition, I think it’s dreadful and unfortunate that some people find it thrilling to set women against one another.

The former Glee member says she is aware that taking on the role of vaudeville comedian Fanny Brice is a significant chance. She also says she aims to perform well not only onstage but also offstage every day in order to support the group and serve as a leader.

I’ve really learned the importance of that, she continues, particularly over the last several years. Never before, according to Michele, has she felt more prepared to assume the part of Fanny Brice.

She was supposed to be the first actress to portray the role since Streisand, 80, but that project never materialized around 2014.