Kim Kardashian claims Kanye West’s social media posts have caused her emotional…

Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West’s Social Media Posts Have Caused Emotional Distress As She Asks A Judge To Make Her Single

Kim Kardashian claims Kanye West’s social media posts have caused her emotional distress, and she is requesting that a judge declare her single.

Following Kanye West’s latest social media posts, Kim Kardashian is making it obvious that she is ready to be legally single once more, and she is seeking a judge to do so.

Kim states she wants to be divorced as soon as possible, according to documents acquired by TMZ. “I very much desire to be divorced,” she says flatly in the paperwork.

She also claims that she has requested Kanye to keep their divorce proceedings confidential, but that he has refused. “Kanye has been posting a lot of disinformation about our private problems and co-parenting on social media, which has caused emotional suffering,” Kim continued.

Kim has asked the judge to declare her legally single on several occasions as they sort out the specifics of their divorce. Kim originally sought to become legally single in December of last year, as we previously reported.

“While I wish our marriage had succeeded, I have come to the understanding that there is no way to rebuild our marriage,” Kim writes in a recent filing to the judge. Although Kanye does not agree, it looks that he has realized that I want to dissolve our marriage, even if he does not.”

Kanye has reportedly asked to block Kim from transferring assets out of any trust, according to TMZ. Kim, on the other hand, stated that they had a prenuptial agreement that keeps their trusts and money separate.

Kanye West has been busy on social media recently, and he has been criticizing Kim’s current lover, Pete Davidson. Ye requested that no one physically harm Pete after having a conversation with Kim after making a series of posts regarding Pete. “I’m going to tackle the situation myself,” Kim said in the text exchanges, which he revealed.